Friday, March 23, 2018

Take me away... with some Good Vibes!

Hello my sweet stamping friends! Can you believe it's Friday already and here we are back at it again -- set off an explosion of feel-good things to help brighten your weekend? Well, we are! It's time for....

So first off we have a virtual feast for the eyes! Marcy is getting ready for Kathy Racoosin's 'The Coloring Challenge Road Trip' TOMORROW and she just thought things would be so much better with some hand-painted art surrounding the guests. She's so thoughtful like that! Check out this free-flowing work below showing one of our Chief Peep's favorite flowers. Sigh.... isn't it grand? If you want to see her other work click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE to see the amazing things she's whipped up over the last few days with her paintbrush and some acrylic paints! 

One customer we are really digging on right now is @grandmabonnie2Check out her gorgeous work using Power Poppy's digital stamp set Tulips in Hobnail Pitcher! The bold color! The striations of detail! The fun and festive die-cuts and decorative papers! Yes, a good vibe indeed! 

One designer card we are loving is this one below using Cup of Columbine by the oh-so-fabulous Jennifer Dove! The coloring on her birdie is to die for and the rest of the image is just downright yummy as well! Breathe in this dose of spring folks, breathe it in! 

For this next good vibe we truly need to channel our inner Christopher Cross. I can hear him crooning now....  "Sailing, takes me away to where I've always heard it could be. Just a dream and the wind to carry me, and soon I will be free...." Ahh..... this gorgeous image below is one taken on Bloomie Christine Okken's journey -- sailing in the British Columbia sunset. I sure wish she would have let me jump in her suitcase on this little trip!

Have you played along in this month's Inspired By Fabric Power & Spark Challenge? Man, what a fun one Ally Cope ushered in with this one! You'll have to click HERE and read all about the challenge and how YOU can play along! Check out the marvelous creation by Irene Rhodes below and then click HERE to see the fabric that inspired it using Power Poppy's digital stamp set Flowering Branches! Brilliant Irene -- BRILLIANT! 

If you aren't already on inspiration overload with all these good vibes coming your way, guess what? We have a few more! 

Be sure to stop by to see what some of our Bloomies have been up to! I know you won't regret making a stop to their places on the web!

Thanks for stopping by and spending a wee bit of your day with us! It's yet another GOOD VIBE! Seize the weekend and hopefully, the sunshine is shining in your neck of the woods! Jessie Banks will be in on Monday to share another one of her fabulous Inspire Me Monday tutorials so.... be sure to swing back by to see what awesomeness she has in store!

Until then!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hues to Use -- Budding with Spring Beauty!

Hello all and happiest of Tuesdays to you! Are you ready for a spring-infused color combo that's just dying to be used next time you create? Well, ready or not, here it comes! It's Hues to Use day! And this next inspiration photo is about as pretty and sweet as they come! 

This image was freshly picked from Marcella's Instagram. When I saw it, I gasped -- there's so much beauty in a little snapshot! So much! Look at those freshly picked hellebores, some of her mom's treasured transferware, and did you see the "find" that Marcy encountered when she reached high to get one of those little cups down? OH MY GOSH -- YEEESSSS! Tiny little eggshells, just looking as beautiful as can be!

HOW TO PLAY: Playing along with us for Hues to Use is easy as 1-2-3 -- use all three colors in your card or creation and then make sure to share a direct link to your creation so we can all see! I know you won't be able to help yourself. You're going to HAVE to join us this week! ;-)

When I reached for a digital image to color up, I just had to print off the newest member of the Instant Garden -- Cup of Columbine. It had the flowers, the teacup AND the little egg! It was made for this color combo!

So, I started with the no-line version of this image and did a little "digital surgery" to the image. If you want to see exactly how I did it, all you need to do is visit THIS post for step by step instructions!

Then, I grabbed my Copic markers -- a whole fistful, literally -- and went to town coloring. These were the ones I used!

After I was done coloring up the individual portions, I did go back and add some depth with an Indigo Blue, Dahlia Purple and Chartreuse Prismacolor pencil -- just to get into those little nooks and crannies that are hard for that brush-tip of the Copic marker to reach. I also accented the centers of the flowers with a little white gel pen.

And here's a closeup for y'all!

Now that you see my closeup -- can you spot my MAJOR boo-boo? Well, as I was coloring, I accidentally colored petals from the columbine in front as leaves. UGH! I was so far in the process of coloring that I just decided to "own it" and roll with it! LOL! So, it's not natually accurate but... oh well! Life happens, right?

And that, my friends, is it! I loved coloring up this image and now have one to set aside for any kind of occasion that comes my way, since I left the inside blank for now.

So, are you going to get those fingers inky and play along with me? I sure hope so! When you do, just link up your creation below! Like we always share, our guest designers are all chosen from our weekly link list, so we would REALLY love to see what you've got up your creative sleeve! It could have you playing with some digital stamp set freebies followed by some time in the Power Poppy Spotlight! Can't wait to see who our next designer will be! We will have a new round of guests coming up in the next few weeks so, stay tuned!

Thanks for popping in and we'll be back with more inspiration.... SOON!


Monday, March 19, 2018

Nipping & Tucking Digital Stamps!

Hello Peeps!  Julie here, standing in for the fabulous Kathy Racoosin who is busy getting ready for the latest leg of her ab-fab 'The Coloring Challenge Road Trip!' Did you know she's heading straight to the Power Poppy headquarters next and tag teaming some fun with Ms. Marcella herself? Check it out, will you?

You can click HERE to read all about it! You can click HERE to register if you are one of the super doooooper lucky ones to actually be in the area. Sigh. I am not! But, I know these sweet ladies will have so much fun and there will be Power Poppy Polymer for sale at the event, what fun!

Moving on! I have a really quick little digital demo for you on this Inspire Me Monday. It's so quick, you could literally do this whole process in less than 60 seconds. It was, however, something I thought would be useful! So, I share!

Recently, Ms. Marce released the latest digital stamp set called Cup of Columbine with not only two different illustrations but no-line versions as well! Gotta love how Marcella digs in a bit deeper to make sure all of her little coloristas are taken care of with the proper light grey to print with for those beautiful no line looks! Here's a peek at both illustrations...

While I loved the little birdie and egg, I didn't really have time to color up the whole ensemble. I loved that egg though and I DID want to color that up! What's a girl to do??? Well, how about a little digital surgery! No, trust me. Not scary surgery! I'm talking about a digital modification with the simple erasing tool on your photo editing software!

I started by opening up the image without the egg in Photoshop Elements, which is my desired editing software. This technique will work with any photo editing software that allows you to layer files and erase elements.

Here's a peek at the first layer...

Next, I open the second image with the bird, reducing the opacity so that I can see both images and perfectly layer the bird image over top...

Next, I click on the eraser tool, which is over on the toolbar to the left and looks like this....

Then, I simply clicked on my second layer, and took care to erase that little birdie out of the scene!  You can see that my opacity is still off, however, so I went to the area right above my layers and bumped it back up to 100% on that layer.

From there, I click on "Layer" at the top of my screen and then scroll down to click on "Merge Visible" to make those two layers into one.

And now, all I need to do is print! I have an image that molds two images together, creating a third fun look out of one digital stamp set!

And, after I grabbed my Copic markers, here's how that fun little image turned out!

I still need to do some shading and create this little number into a card. But... guess what? If you play along with Power Poppy's Hues to Use on Tuesday --- you'll see how this one turned out. So swing back by and get ready to give a new color combo a try!

See you then!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Thank Goodness it's FRI-YAY!!!!!

Hello, sweet peeps! What's going on in your neck of the woods? We here at Power Poppy are jam-packed with good vibes so get ready for a fast moving, high powered, combustion of creativity with the latest edition of....

With the official first day of spring just a week away, I have the FEEE-VAH folks -- a bit of spring fever! That's why when I was strolling through my Instagram feed, my heart skipped a beat with this one by Karen HERE using Power Poppy's stamp set Go Wild. Don't you just love the huge blast of color and the clean design?  I sure do! Good vibes Karen -- Good Vibes! 

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love progress shots showing coloring in action. They all remind me of my "happy place," when I can take a deep breath, grab my favorite coloring medium and... color. So, that's why I picked this little snapshot HERE by Kathy Jones using Power Poppy's Graceful Still Life.  Ahhh... love! I can't wait to see how Kathy finishes up this little colorful wonder!

Good Vibe #3 is all about the Power Pup! It's been a bit since we've seen the notorious Mr. Tibbs in action. This one shows him out with one of his fearless leaders, Doug. I am not sure which is more regal, the rich-in-history St. Louis statue in Forest Park... or the four-legged gentleman Mr. Tibbs! I don't know about you but I just really wish I could crash through the computer screen to get a little cuddle from the Power Pup himself!

Tomorrow is the big day when we can pretend that we are all a wee bit Irish! So, why not let the luck 'o the Irish rule the day and snap up one of Power Poppy's luck-inspired digital stamp sets??? Did you see this lovely set  --- Wish You Luck --- is on sale now through tomorrow for just a buck and 25 cents? Yep, you heard me right -- $1.25! You can't even buy a coffee for that! Hit the Power Poppy Shop before the sale ends on this digi designed to bring nothing but good vibes!! And, if you're looking for some ways to use this fun stamp set, Ally did a video showing how she colored up this set and even has a schnazzy little Irish tune underneath her coloring tutorial! Click HERE to check it out!


This last little snippet just made me happy at first sight. Look at that little baby succulent. It appears as if it is just "reaching" for the sunshine to soak it all in! Christine Okken shot this little guy, who just happens to be hers. So, soak up the happy and reach for the sunshine in your own lives -- #moregoodvibes! 

Well sweet peeps -- how's that for some good vibes? Hopefully, you'll leave here smiling just a little bit more than you were before you came this way! 

We have a few... just for YOU!  First up, have you checked out our monthly Power & Spark Challenge? This one is hosted by the fabulous Ally Cope! All you need to do is dig into your fabric stash and be... inspired! Check out the challenge HERE that could send you to the Power Poppy Shop as the winner of a $50 Shopping Spree! Yipppppeeee! 

And, of course, you can always get in on the action with our weekly Hues to Use. This week, we pulled the lid off on a new trio of colors that are springy and fun and just begging to be used the next time you hit your crafting space! Click HERE to see for yourself!

And fine folks, it's that time when we turn things over to the ever-fabulous Bloomies, who would love nothing more than for you to hop on over to their place on the web to see what beautiful things they've whipped up to share with YOU!

Thanks for popping in! Enjoy your weekend and we'll be back here real soon to share a little kick of creativity to brighten your day!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

March Instant Garden: Cup of Columbine

Happy day to you! Are you ready for a new digi?

It’s always exciting to reveal a brand new illustration and share the Instant Gardeners’ creations with you all, I get such a thrill. Today’s new digital stamp set is an image that’s is a long time coming. Can I tell you how many people have requested Columbine through the years? 

And it’s no wonder — Columbine have the most interesting habit — arching and stretching and bobbing their beautiful heads. They come in zillions of colors and varieties — from massive flouncy blooms with loooooooong tendrils (called spurs) jutting out from the back, to very compact doubles loaded with bubbly petals.

Aren’t they precious??

Another thing I love about Columbine is their propensity to self-seed and cross with other varieties. You can go from a regular purple one, like these Aquilegia vulgaris in my garden above, a single variety in rich deep purple, to something totally unique:

I photographed these wine-colored double flowers in my garden a few years ago — the purple singles had crossed with a pink double that hadn't shown its face in the garden for years — but resurrected in a magical cross-pollination. I DO SO LOVE THE NATURE!!

And as much as I love, adore, and worship this incredible plant, the Aquilegia genus and all of her various species, I had yet to draw them!! What on earth? Something had to be done.

Introducing: Cup of Columbine

Yayyyyyy!! Columbine has come at last!

And here’s something really fun ... even though everything I’ve shared up there involves purple — these flowers come in nearly every hue imaginable, from white and pale yellow through the deepest reds and blues. You can take this thing and RUN WITH IT!

A Susie Cooper teacup is filled to overflowing with Columbine — and I tucked a few Hosta leaves in there to give you some ripply goodness to color. You get two designs — one with the flowers and teacup only, and a second, more challenging composition with a baby robin snapping up a few of the Columbine seeds. Both images have a lighter “no line” version included.

Come check out the incredible beauty created by the Instant Gardeners for today — and folks, I gave them about 2 days notice that this was coming out, so each of these creations is like a Columbine Release Day Miracle!

Jessie Banks -- This is actually a video!

Look for more cards featuring these images tomorrow for Bloomie Friday — and keep those eyes peeled for even MORE cards as the designers actually have a chance to work with this set. (Last-minute Marcella strikes again.)


This stamp WILL be available in clear... quite soon, actually. Stay tuned and have an AWESOME day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hues to Use: Melting Winter!

Hello my sweet peeps! It's Tuesday, which means that yours truly is popping into the Power Poppy Blog to share a little color-infused fun to help keep those creative juices flowing as we move through the week. This week's inspirational photo has a fun vibe to it because it shows a melting of winter into spring. Take a gander, will you please?

Check out this showy and fragrant Koreanspice viburnum. Marcy snapped this pic around this time last year meaning.......spring is really close people! It. Is. CLOSE! At least that is what I am telling myself as I glance out the window and still see larger than life snow mounds here in the snowy north. Moving on....

HOW TO PLAY: Playing along with us for Hues to Use is easy as 1-2-3 -- use all three colors in your card or creation and then, lickity split, upload your direct link to our linky below so that we can all see and OOOoooo and Ahhhhhh and your marvelous creativity! Doesn't that sound like so much fun??

If you need a little bit of inspiration before you get crack-a-lacking on this challenge, I am prepped to show you what I whipped up using this trio of colors!

As you can see, the layout on this one is super duper easy. I took two green patterned papers and then on the solid piece, I added some texture thanks to my Scor-Pal and a little sanding block. Add some twine and a gold button and that's pretty much it! I did, as you can see, cut my main image with an oval die cut. I thought since this image was so large, it needed something but I was limited in the shapes I could use since, like I said, the image was so large!

What image did I use? Well, I had some digital fun with the Cherries & Berries digital stamp set. I moved the arch of the raspberries twice to create a digital frame around the digital stamp sentiment from the set. To color my berries, I used a mix of light red and hot pink shades. I realize mine is a wee bit more vibrant than the dusty rose in the photo but... it's close! ;-) I used Spica Glitter Pens on the sentiment and added some pizazz thanks to a white gel pen.

And that, my friends, is it! You can't see really in this photo but the pinkish ivory was used to highlight around my image. Those light colors can be tough to photograph at times -- but that color is there -- I promise!

So, are you going to get those fingers inky and play along with me? I sure hope so! When you do, just link up your creation below! Like we always share, our guest designers are all chosen from our weekly link list, so we would REALLY love to see what you've got up your creative sleeve! It could have you playing with some digital stamp set freebies followed by some time in the Power Poppy Spotlight! YIPPPEEEEE! Can't wait to see who our next designer will be! We will have a new round of guests coming up in the next few weeks so, stay tuned!

Thanks so much for popping in this week and seeing the latest color cues with Hues to Use! 

We'll be back with more inspiration.... SOON! 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Inspire Me Monday: Go Green!

Howdy fellow Power Poppy fans! Welcome to Inspire Me Monday with your hostess, Allison Cope.

This month I was inspired to create with Copic’s newest challenge, their #CopicColor challenge!  This challenge involves using only the 3 Copic colors that they assign each month.  This month’s three colors include…
YG17, YG23, G17

Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming this Saturday and being that I have a little Irish in me, I thought I would color up some shamrocks.  Well actually, it’s a plant called Oxalis Triangularis; more commonly known as False Shamrock, Purple Shamrock or the Love Plant.  It is generally found is a deep hue of rich purple, like the one shown below.

Today I’m going to color it strictly with greens.  So grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage and meet me at my desk…

Here’s a quick look at the card I made today featuring the lovely digital stamp image “Wish You Luck” bouquet.  I used the sentiment from the “Poppies” clear stamp set.

You too can have this digital beauty all for yourself...

I hope you too are inspired to create using some green this week!

~ Cheers! ~
Allison Cope

Stamps: Power Poppy (Wish You Luck, Poppies)
Cardstock: Recollections (#110 White), Copic X-Press It (White), My Favorite Things (Wild Wisteria)
Patterned Papers: My Favorite Things (Plaid Patterns 6x6, Fresh Squeezed Chevrons 6x6)
Dies: My Favorite Things (Rectangle Word Window Frames), Spellbinders (Scalloped Circles, Gold Majesty Circles), Sizzix (Rectangles, Dotted)

Inks: Memento (Tuxedo Black), Copic Markers (YG23, G17, YG17)
Tools: Copic Air Brush System

Other: Sulky (Gold Thread)